Sheltered Preview

Sheltered Preview

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This wiki is dedicated to the Alpha indie game "Sheltered." Sheltered is a post-apocalypse game set within a Nuclear fallout bunker. Your role will revolve around keeping your family alive while dealing with what the new world has to offer.

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Sheltered is a post-apocalypse game being developed by Unicube and published by Team17 .

A father, a mother, a daughter and a son. Given a head-start over the billions lost in the nuclear holocaust, you start in an almost impenetrable underground fortress designed to keep a family alive and well.Dangers and potential hazards threaten the life of your family, such as: Irradiated beasts of the nuclear wasteland,High radiation levels outside of the shelter, Finite food, water and oxygen, Claustrophobia, mental exhaustion and trauma when involved in highly stressful situations (eg. combat, death of loved one.) Necessary systems breaking down. Having to leave the shelter to make supply runs. But the most dangerous of all are the ones who didn't die. Raiders, slavers and hungry survivors wander the wastes looking for food and safety, Your safety.

Can you keep your family alive to thrive?

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A bunker to call home.

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